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Another Bad Teacher

Closed Doors

There's No Excuse for Trick Questions 

You Can't Teach Writing by the Numbers 

The Dismal Discussion Class 

Oh, For a Second Chance!

The Importance of Manuscript Form 

Students Teachers Hate 

Grade Inflation: The "Customer" Is NOT Always Right! 

Note to Students: When Your Reading Assignments Put You to Sleep

Grade Deflation

I Do NOT Want to Hear About a Teacher Shortage! 

Does NOT Play Well with Others

Read, Reread, Forget

Let Them Read Sample Essays! 

American Kids Really Have Changed 
(This link will take you to my "Who's Minding the Children website)

The Mystery Of The Missing Marks:
Some Misconceptions about the Grading of English Essays
(Guest article by Nils Clausson, of the University of Regina in Canada)

Some AP English Teachers Are Actually Wonderful

Blatantly Obnoxious 

Plagiarism?  What Plagiarism? 

How Long Does It Take to Grade an Essay?

Another Route to Grade Inflation

Helping Our Students up the Ladder


Students--Take Care of Business!

Preparing the Ground for Math Success: Games that Familiarize Your Child with Numbers and Numerical Patterns

Using Dice for a Basic Math Facts Practice Game

Just Tell Me I'm Wonderful and Give Me the A, Bitch!

Using Literary Devices to Convey Inner Thoughts and Personal Feelings, or Why Johnny and Jennifer Can't Write about Literature